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Oil Refinery
an abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favorable situation.
Our Mission

We are here to help provide the world with resilient and affordable goods and resources by enabling energy and petrochemical industries to operate smarter and safer for longer. 

What We Do

We provide Asset Integrity Management and EPCM services for industrial maintenance and capital projects. We specialize in the lean execution of process plant Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages (STOs), and small-capital projects. We integrate generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning with process instrumentation and edge-computing devices to provide modern plant designs with innovative process controls.

How We Work
We use data science to map a purpose-built project production process to improve workflows and meet objectives with repeatable successful outcomes. Our integrated teams optimize your Work-in-Progress (WiP) to prioritize the project's capital allocation cost-effectively and swiftly respond to market changes. 
Project Development

Front-End Loading & Detailed Design

Front-end loading (FEL) is a multi-stage process that evaluates project feasibility, budget, and schedule to provide stakeholders with actionable insights for making financial investment decisions.


We develop preliminary design packages to help your project gain accurate and competitive estimates compared to factoring costs from written specifications alone. 


Our extensive multi-disciplined capabilities combine industry-proven practices with the latest technology to produce Smart Designs & lower the Total Installed Cost (TIC) of your project.



Turnaround Process Plant Design.jpeg
Oil refinery plant in the evening

Process Plant Layout &


From preliminary design packages for cost estimation to advanced work packages for construction, we leverage our knowledge in code compliance with the latest technology for a risk-based design focused on safety and serviceability at the best value. 

Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Processing Plants

Biogas Upgrading Facilities

Oil, Gas, and RNG Pipeline Facilities 

Piping Modules and Packaged Equipment 

Analytical Systems Integration

Natural Gas Measurement and Regulating Skids


Smart Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams

Smart P&IDs provide mass data reporting and material management capabilities, enabling a single source of truth for Process Safety Information and compliance with OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations or EPA Risk Management Procedures (RMP).

Block Flow Diagrams

Process Flow Diagrams

Utility Flow Diagrams

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

Industrial Factory

API SIFE Source Inspectors Fixed Equipment

Source inspectors of fixed equipment perform vendor surveillance and 3rd party audits at the works or shop. The Turnaround team executes Fitness-For-Purpose (FFP) material evaluations and Positive Material Identification (PMI) to verify conformance with project standards.

Factory Acceptance Testing

Mechanical Completeness Review

Dimensional Inspection 

Hydrotesting and Leak Detection

Project Documentation Review

TENSLE TESTING 2_edited.jpg

Record Drawings

The Turnaround Team develops record drawings from client-provided redlines or field-gathered data and specializes in multi-discipline as-built documentation supporting project close-out, design standardization, or the continuous evergreening of facility drawings.

Facility Siting Plans

Equipment Location Plans

Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

Electrical Single-Line Diagrams

Electrical Hazardous Area Location Plans

Factory Pipelines

4D Animations & 5D Simulations 

Minimize risk, bolster safety, and discover synergies amongst multiple tasks by visualizing your assets and proposed scope of work in a digital environment. We build your schedule and budget into a virtual model to help you understand the spatial constraints affecting your planned strategy and reorganize task sequencing on the fly.

Crane Lift Plan Feasibility Analysis

Equipment Staging and Installation Analysis

Vehicle Access and Traffic Chokepoints Analysis

Labor Work Flow Process Development

Immersive 3D Training

As-Built 3D Models

Turnaround Sulfur Loading Rack Digital Twin.gif

AutoDesk Plant 3D Adminstration

From new user orientation and training to project database setup and management, our technical specialist can help your organization develop, configure, and implement the latest Autodesk Plant 3D toolsets.

In-person or Remote End-User Training 

Piping Material Specifications

Custom pipe Support Catalog Development

Custom Part Catalog Development

Piping Isometric Drawing Styles

Orthographic Drawing Generation

Title block Configuration

Turnaround Plant 3D Administration
In-service Inspection

In-Service Inspection

We Integrate the latest technology with our profound experience in proven testing, inspection, and examination techniques to provide a risk-based solution for your in-service piping, pressure vessel, and storage tank mechanical integrity programs. Our team is skilled in executing fixed equipment internal and external inspections and Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments. Let our technologist support you in developing and implementing Inspection Database Management Systems (IDMS) and cost-effective onsite data mining solutions. Explore how our integrated services provide Integrity Management solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of Process Safety Management and Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS). 

Image by Diyar Al Maamouri

API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspectors

Turnaround pressure vessel inspectors are API 510 certified and experienced with damage mechanisms affecting in-service pressure vessels and pressure relief valves (PRVs). Our knowledge in practical repairs, replacements, and alterations gets your assets back online faster and keeps you online reliably. 

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

Internal Robotic Visual Inspections

External Visual Inspections

Pressure Testing and Leak Detection

Pressure Relief Valve Inspections

Fitness-For-Service Assessments

Laser Scanner Panoramic View.png

API 653 Storage Tank Inspectors 

The Turnaround team of API tank inspectors are confined space competent and oversee tank entry as safe access allows. We provide site leadership with actionable insights to run, repair, or replace in-service storage tanks per API 653.

Small Tank Inspections

MFL Floor Scans and 3D Mapping

Laser Scanning Sidewall Warping and Distortion

Hytrotesting and Fill Surveys 

Internal Robotic Inspections

External Visual Inspections

TK 40 8-13-13 015_edited.jpg

API 570 Piping Inspectors

Our API 570-certified piping inspectors are experts in evaluating damage mechanisms common in process piping, gathering, and transmission pipelines. We support all piping and valve inspection needs, from external piping circuit inspections to valve disassembly, rebuild, and assembly coordination.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

Internal Boroscope Visual Inspections

External Visual Inspections

Pressure Testing and Leak Detection

Pipe Support Inspections

Fitness-For-Service Assessments


Mechanical Integrity & Inspection Drawings

Industrial Pipes

Establishing Condition Monitoring Locations (CMLs) on fixed equipment is critical to a consistent wall thickness measurement and quantified corrosion rate. Our integrity services deliver 3D digital twins of your existing asset with CMLs located to aid in planning the inspection and maintenance task. 

Condition Monitoring Location Development

Pressure Vessel Inspection Drawings

Storage Tank Inspection Drawings

Corrosion Circuit Inspection Isometric Drawings 

Pipes and Pressure
Airial Visual Inspection
Aerial Visual Inspection

Turnaround Technical's unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, perform visual inspections in hard-to-reach places and can penetrate fixed equipment such as piping systems and pressure vessels to perform internal visual inspections, often replacing the need for human-confined space entry. 

Internal and External Visual Inspections

LiDAR Laser Scans

Robotic Confined Space Entry

Operating an Inspection Drone
Laser Scanning
LiDAR Laser Scanning

Our reality capture services provide measurement tolerances within .0625" and ensure that a critical component will fit up during field execution to reduce your overall project risks. Panoramic photo scenes enable remote collaboration and inspection.

Reality Capture

Onsite Laser Scanning

Scan Registration

Point-Cloud Development

Storage tank pointcloud.PNG
Risk-Based Inspections
Risk-Based Inspections

A well-implemented Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) program analyzes the probability of failure (PoF) and the consequences of failure (CoF) to provide actionable insights into developing and prioritizing lean in-service equipment inspection programs based on risk of failure.

RBI Technology Implementation

RBI Risk Analysis

Damage Mechanism Review

Inspection Effectiveness Review

Tailored Inspection Plans

Turnaround Digital Modeling Services
Document Management
Document Management

Document management services include the development of on-premise and cloud-based electronic document management systems (EDMS). 

Construction Field Support

Data Entry

Scanning and Archiving

Technical Writing

Job Book Development

Turnaround Document Management Services
Project Controls
Project Controls

Turnaround management experts provide pre-turnaround and execution support onsite or remotely.



Remote Schedulers

Project Managers

Construction Managers

Turnaround Project Planning Support


Turnaround Technical integrates innovative AI physics engines with edge computing devices and conventional process instrumentation to provide holistic project solutions, bridging the gap between technology and the field. Contact us today and find out how our Value-Added approach can help you!

Turnaround New Construction Pressure Vessel Inspection
Turnaround DLS Dairy 001
Turnaround SIS Improvements
Turnaround Landfill BioGas Interconnect
Turnaround Dairy RNG Metering & Regulating Skid with BTU Enrichment
Turnaround Laser Scanning & Source Inspection
Turnaround RNG Pipeline Facility Design
Turnaround Plant Shutdown Support
Turnaround RNG Pipeline Injection Metering and Regulating Facility w/ BTU Enrichment
Landfill BioGas Upgrading Facility
Turnaround GC Cabinet integration design
Turnaround RNG Grid Injection Detailed Design
Turnaround Switchgear Upgrades
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Contact Us

Turnaround Technical practices Project Production Management to manufacture cost-effective advanced work packages for maintenance and capital projects to help you accomplish more for less!


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